Technology for chimney inspections

Technology for Chimney Inspections 

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep, Inc. uses many of today’s modern technologies. Pictured here is a drone used for inspecting the outside of the chimney. This tool allows us to visually inspect the top of the chimney without leaving the ground. It makes it safer for the technician and less risk of damaging things on the roof. Time, education and practice are needed to be able to be precise with this tool. We feel it is worth it. Keeping up with technology also keeps the job fresh and interesting for the technician

One of the other tools we use is a camera on a rod to inspect the inside of a chimney. It allows us to visually inspect for voids and crack in the flue tiles. Spotting such defects is critical to educating the home owner of safety issues. When repaired this can prevent the potential of a house fire. This camera can not see inside the walls though and leads me to our other important tool. The Endoscope.

The Endoscope is a small camera the size of a pencil on a long cord. We can insert this camera inside the wall through a small hole in the drywall. Allowing us to see the frame work inside the wall. We can spot if combustibles are to close to the firebox, making it is easy to decide if there is imminent danger to the home. Charred wood is a step away from a house fire.  It is our job to point out these dangers to our customers.

Technology is a great asset to our technicians. The only way to stay on top of it is to continue educating  ourselves.  We practice all our skill on a daily bases.Keep our eyes on new technology and figure out ways to incorporate them into our unique business.


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