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Chimney Chase Cover

If your chimney came factory-made with a chase surrounding the flue, the covering at the top is called a chimney chase top. Depending on the material your chase top was made from, you might be experiencing issues with it.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep repairs and installs quality chimney chase tops in San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Palm Springs CA, and Beaumont CA, as well as Yucaipa CA, Murrieta CA, Lake Elsinore CA, Menifee CA, Winchester CA, Alta Loma CA, Eastvale CA, Edgemont CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and more.

What Is a Chimney Chase Cover?

Chase tops are designed to fit over the entire top of the chimney structure. We can custom fabricate your chimney chase cover to match your needs from galvanized steel; others are made from stainless steel, copper and different materials.

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The Purpose of a Chase Cover

Chimney chase tops are in place to keep rain and debris out of the open areas inside the chase structure. A properly installed chase cover will include a chimney cap to protect the flue opening.

High Winds Cause Most Damage

We get plenty of high winds in our area and actually this is the main cause of damage to chase covers. Many are installed with only 4 nails so it is common that the entire chase cover can blow off. If you hear a banging sound coming from the chimney, your chase cover may be loose. Call us for an inspection.

Lifespan of these Components

It’s common for builders to use less-expensive galvanized steel chase tops when constructing new homes. Because galvanized steel is susceptible to rust, the lifespan of these chase covers is not very long. At least not when compared to covers made from resilient stainless steel and copper.

Throughout the San Bernardino region, we often see signs of rust and damage happening with chase tops after twenty years (unless effected by being near salt from ocean). The older a chase top gets, the more likely it is to rust.

The Result of a Damaged Chimney Chase Cover

When a chase cover is sufficiently damaged, water can move down into the interior chimney areas and lead to deterioration of the chimney structure and building materials within the home.

Another very serious concern is mold growth, which can happen in any space that’s damp and unventilated.

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Have Your Entire Chimney Chase Inspected

It’s a good idea to schedule annual chimney inspections with the Ye Olde Brit crew so you can learn of early signs of problems with your chimney chase and chase top. This way, you can have repairs or a chase top replacement done before the problem becomes dangerous, destructive and expensive.

If your chase cover is severely rusted out, we’ll recommend having a new cover installed. This new cover can be made of beautiful stainless steel, which will not rust and will hold up well and look great for many, many years.

There are less-expensive options, but across 30+ years in the chimney business, we’ve found that stainless steel chase tops are the best value for our customers’ money.

Go with California’s Chimney Specialists

No matter what kind of trouble you’re having with your chimney chase, chase top or any other part of your chimney, Ye Olde Brit is ready to help.

Homeowners in San Bernardino County and neighboring counties trust our experienced chimney technicians to keep their chimneys running safely and efficiently.

Get more information about your chimney issues or schedule an appointment by calling (909) 880-2120. If you prefer, you can reach out through our handy contact form.

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