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Top-Mount Chimney Dampers

You know about fireplace dampers – the plated devices that sit just above your firebox and open and close to adjust the draft. But have you heard of the top-mounted versions that go at the very top of your chimney? There are some important things to know about these amazing devices.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep installs top-mount chimney dampers in San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Yucaipa CA, and Redlands CA, as well as Grande Terrace CA, Pomona CA, Ontario CA, Corona CA, Verdemont Heights CA, Norco CA, Jurupa Valley CA, Cajon CA, and more.

top mount chimney damper installation, arcadia caHuge Advantage > Top-Mount Dampers are More Energy Efficient

Top Mounted Dampers are a 100% full seal and is far more energy efficient than a Throat Damper.

Both styles of dampers control air flow and draft by opening and closing. A throat damper above the firebox has plates that close to seal off air. Top-mount chimney dampers regulate air flow with a top cap that can simply be pulled down tight against the flue opening.

Dampers should be open when a fire is in progress and closed at all other times. This way, conditioned air from inside your home won’t exchange with unconditioned outside air – i.e., cold moving in and heat moving out, or vice-versa.

Each damper style can accomplish this. But a top-mount damper accomplishes much more.

2 Huge Advantages with a Top-Mount Chimney Damper

Two key advantages you’ll enjoy with a quality damper at the top of your chimney are less cold air and no outside debris in your flue.

Less cold air

Clay tile chimney liners, which are plentiful throughout Southern California Inland Empire Communities, can be negatively affected by cold air settling inside the chimney.

The tile material absorbs the cold and holds on to it. When the intense heat from the fireplace rises up and blankets the cold tiles, cracking is possible due to the rapid temperature change.

When flue tiles crack and break, they leave the interior chimney masonry and home building materials open to heat and fire damage. If there’s a water leak inside the flue, the water can also get through the liner tiles and cause rotting and decay in adjacent materials.

Closing your top-mount chimney damper keeps cold air out of your chimney flue, as well as out of your home.

No outside debris

An open flue is an invitation for all sorts of debris to come on in. This includes leaves and twigs from nearby trees as well as birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats and other small animals.

Many of these critters use chimneys to build nests. The nesting materials can accumulate to the point that your flue space narrows and cannot draft smoke properly.

Worse than smoke is carbon monoxide, which is an invisible and odorless gas that’s been shown to put the health of people and animals at risk when inhaled.

A top-mount chimney damper seals off your flue from this debris and the resulting problems.

chimney damper install, banning caWe Install Quality Top-Mount Dampers

If you have an open flue or a throat damper that’s becoming inoperable – or you just want a far more efficient damper system, Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep has the solution.

We install top-mount dampers throughout the San Bernardino region. We also provide all other chimney services you need to keep your chimney safe, clean & efficient.

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