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Chimney Roof Flashing Repair

When we think of all the parts and components of a chimney system, we usually overlook the chimney flashing. Yet this component is one of the most crucial pieces of your system, designed to prevent major water damage to your chimney and your home.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep provides expert chimney repairs in San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Yucaipa CA, and Redlands CA, as well as Running Springs CA, Green Valley Lake CA, Cherry Valley CA, Yucaipa CA, Eastvale CA, Angelus Oaks CA, Calimesa CA, Cherry Valley CA, and more.

chimney flashing repair, banning caChimney Flashing 101

Chimney flashing is the material that is fitted around the base of a chimney, sealing off the gap between it and the roof.

Flashing is typically installed in two sections: an L-shaped piece, which lies against the chimney and the roof; and a flat piece, which covers the top of the L-shaped section.

When installed and secured correctly, chimney flashing will prevent a lot of problems.

Issues with Damaged Flashing

Over the years, flashing can become damaged. Some of the causes include:

  • Rusting
  • Warping
  • Lightning strikes
  • Powerful winds
  • Chimney-settling
  • Old age

When flashing is compromised and proper chimney flashing repair work is neglected, the following three serious problems can occur.

  1. Masonry damage below the roof line

Water pouring down through damaged flashing can begin a cycle of deterioration in your “hidden” chimney masonry.This is a big problem, because you can’t see what’s going on with your chimney’s internal bricks and mortar. If the problem isn’t addressed, mortar joints that hold the bricks together can begin to crumble. The bricks themselves can begin to crack and spall.

The end result is a chimney that will need to be rebuilt, either partially or completely. This is an expensive job that you want to avoid if at all possible.

  1. Building material damage

Free-moving water below your roof can affect your ceiling, attic, wall boards, rafters and other parts of your home, creating destructive force when it’s allowed to sit in contact with certain materials.

As with chimney masonry damage, building-material rot isn’t something the average homeowner will be aware of until serious damage has occurred, which is how chimney flashing repair/replacement can help.

  1. Mold / Moss growth

Damp, unventilated spaces are ideal for mold growth. Some mold is harmless; other molds can cause significant health risks for humans and animals.

As with the other two flashing-related issues above, mold growth in the interior spaces of your home won’t be noticed right away. The longer mold grows, the larger the outbreak will be.

Black mold is a species of this fungus that has been shown to cause major upper-respiratory problems and even cancer and death. You do not want any kind of mold growing in your home.

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