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Wood Burning Stove Installation

Modern wood heating stoves are fantastic options for people seeking more heat, more beauty and more safety from a heating appliance. There’s a lot to love about these handsome appliances, and we’d like to share some of the wonderful benefits here.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep installs premium wood heating stoves in San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Beaumont CA, and Riverside CA, as well as Fontana CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Redlands CA, Ontario CA, Bloomington CA, Glendora CA, Covina CA, Azusa CA, and more.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep offers many major brands including Napoleon, Timberwolf, Regency & more.

wood stove store in big bear lake caWood Stoves Have Come a Long Way

It seems as if every year, more ingenious technology is being added to the home heating appliances on the market. This is especially true of wood heating stoves.

Top stove manufacturers such as Napoleon, Timberwolf, Regency and many other top brands just keep on improving their products in ways that truly benefit California homeowners. Why do people love wood stoves so much? Here are a few of the reasons.

Powerful Heat Performance

When you think of a wood stove, think of heat. There are many things to love about free-standing stoves, and heat and efficiency is at the top of the list for most homeowners.

Wood stoves operate on a closed system that contains the heat and makes it available to your room. In fact, wood-burning stoves often come with heat-efficiency ratings of 80% or higher. This rating tells you how much of the heat can actually be used in your home vs. how much is lost up the vent pipe.

(By comparison, the average masonry wood fireplace is rated at about 10%. Fire up a wood stove and you’ll feel the difference immediately.)

Elegant Appearance

If an old, black, ugly potbellied stove is what comes to mind when you think of wood heating stoves, think again. Modern wood stoves feature stunning designs that will amaze you and add elegance to any room.

Shop a range of sizes, shapes, finishes, colors and design styles that make it easy to perfectly accent your home’s décor and satisfy your designer tastes.

Wood Stove Placement Options

A new wood stove can be placed just about anywhere in your home you choose. This is why they’re called “free-standing” stoves. As long as there’s a space for the vent pipe, you have complete control over where your stove is installed and set up.

Venting Simplicity

The vent pipe we just mentioned comes properly sized with the wood stove and bypasses the need for construction or chimney building. The pipe can exit your home through a wall or the ceiling, and all we have to do is make a hole for it.

Complies with EPA Emissions & Burn Standards

Today’s wood heating stoves are built to comply with strict emissions and burn guidelines as set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. Yes, wood stoves are environmentally friendly!

wood-burning stove installation, murrieta caHeating Stove Installation

The Ye Olde Brit team will help you select the ideal wood stove model for your home, and then we’ll install it for you correctly and safely.

Our installation work is done according to all California State and local city fire-safety codes. When we install your new fireplace insert or stove, it will be done right the first time.

If you’re ready to bring more heat and beauty to your San Bernardino-area home, we’re here to help. Speak with a wood heating stove expert today at (909) 880-2120 or reach out through our simple contact form.

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