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Chimney Waterproofing

Water is the #1 Cause of Chimney Structure Premature Failure!

Of all the chimney issues addressed by chimney technicians, water damage is one of the most prevalent. Homeowners probably spend more on having this problem repaired than all other chimney problems combined.

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Chimney repair is good, but prevention is even better. We’ll show you why. Let us help you keep the water out.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep provides chimney waterproofing services in San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Redlands CA, and Palm Springs CA, as well as Woodcrest CA, Ontario CA, Banning CA, Highland CA, Running Springs CA, Green Valley Lake CA, Cherry Valley CA, Yucaipa CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and more.

What Is Chimney Waterproofing?

We put water blockers on our homes, cars and decks, so why not on our chimneys? Fortunately, there are outstanding industry-grade chimney waterproofing products that can be professionally applied to protect your chimney.

Chimney waterproofing involves a spray-on solution to form a tight seal across all areas of a chimney’s masonry. Although the seal is secure, it’s also vapor permeable, which means the masonry surface will be able to “breathe” and not trap moisture.

We perform a lot of waterproofing jobs for our chimney customers in San Bernardino County. We understand the product, and we know how to apply it correctly so that it will give you ultimate protection against water leaks for many years.

Repairs before Waterproofing

Having your chimney masonry waterproofed is a smart idea, but before we do that job, we want to inspect the chimney to determine if repairs are needed.

If there are cracks in the bricks or crumbling mortar joints, it’s important that we repair those problems before applying the water sealant. Damaged masonry tells us that there may already be a serious water leak. If this is the case, damage may be present in other areas of your chimney, so we’ll want to get that resolved.

During a proper chimney inspection, we’ll look at all visible areas of your chimney structure, including the masonry, the chimney cap, the chimney crown, the chimney flashing and other components.

Leaks can be caused by many things other than damaged masonry. Chimney waterproofing is the right solution to prevent chimney leaks, but you want to prevent all types of leaks.

Your Job in Leak-Prevention and Chimney Repair

We’ll do our job, but you also have a job in keeping your chimney in tip-top shape.

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Your main job is to perform periodic visual inspections of your system, looking for the following:

  • Masonry damage
  • Crumbling mortar on the roof
  • Warped flashing around the chimney base
  • Cracks in the cement chimney crown at the top of the chimney
  • A chimney that appears to lean to one side
  • Damp patches on the walls or ceiling near the fireplace inside the home
  • Water in your firebox
  • Musty odors coming from your fireplace
  • and anything else that looks unusual.

If you spot any of these signs, call us to have the problem resolved before major expensive damage occurs.

We’re Your Southern California Inland Empire Communities Chimney Experts

We’re here to help with complete chimney waterproofing as well as all other repair and maintenance jobs for your chimney and fireplace. Reach a qualified chimney technician today at (909) 880-2120. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.

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