Contemporary Glass in a Fireplace

To give your fireplace that contemporary look a lot of clients are going with glass instead of wood. Adding glass to your fireplace gives it an elegant look that provides it with a real sparkle. If you decide to go this way be sure you purchase the glass from a professional as it is not […]


Technology for chimney inspections

Technology for Chimney Inspections  Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep, Inc. uses many of today’s modern technologies. Pictured here is a drone used for inspecting the outside of the chimney. This tool allows us to visually inspect the top of the chimney without leaving the ground. It makes it safer for the technician and less risk […]


Are you using the correct equipment?

Having the correct equipment for the job is very important. It can make the difference in the outcome of the finished product, as well as the safety of the workers doing the job. Pictured here is scaffolding from the ground up to the rooftop and a special roof top scaffolding. The roof top scaffolding hooks […]


What’s in your chimney?

Soot can build up in chimneys quite quickly and can cause smoke to flow back into your house and increases your risk of a chimney fire. You should have them inspected regularly and cleaned as necessary.


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