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Remove The Fireplace Mesh Curtain

The fireplace mesh curtain plays an intricate role in protecting the fireplace. Using a mesh curtain stops anything from flying Read more

Dealing with a Leaning Chimney

It can be unnerving to go outside and look up at your chimney and discover that it’s leaning to the Read more

Fireplace Ash and Soot in Your Carpets? Here’s What to Do.

Most masonry fireplaces will experience occasional downdrafts or backdrafts that cause soot and ash to blow from the firebox and Read more

Reasons Your Chimney Could be Leaking

One of the most frustrating issues that you may come across as a homeowner is a leak. Not knowing where Read more

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget the Chimney Sweep.

Adding chimney sweeping to your spring cleaning list is a good way to remember this very important chimney maintenance task Read more

Why DIY Chimney Cleaning Is Not a Good Idea

If you use a wood-burning fireplace, you have a chimney that needs regular cleaning. The main purpose in sweeping a Read more

Don’t Get Burned: Safeguarding Against Scams in the Chimney Industry 

A chimney is very difficult to determine if there are repairs needed. So, we depend on the great service of Read more

What Can Go Wrong : Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace is one of the best ways to bring heat, comfort, beauty, and enjoyment into your home. But Read more

Benefits of A Clean Dryer Vent

You may not realize that having your dryer cleaned out can save you in big ways. Over time dust and Read more

Gas Fireplaces VS Wood Fireplaces

If you’re thinking about purchasing a first fireplace for your home or replacing an old one, the type of fuel Read more

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