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Reasons Your Chimney Could be Leaking

One of the most frustrating issues that you may come across as a homeowner is a leak. Not knowing where the leak is coming from is even more frustrating. When a water leak is coming from around your chimney, chances are you won’t know where it is coming from and who to call. Do you call a chimney expert or do you call someone for your roof? Water, as you know, trails. With this, the whereabouts makes it even more difficult to identify.

leaky chimneys in Covina CALet’s discuss some signs that your chimney may be leaking. This may give you a better idea of who to call. 

  • Water or condensation in the firebox.
  • Drips or leaks within the firebox.
  • After a heavy rain, you may smell a musty smell. This may mean that water is getting into your chimney.
  • Cracks in your masonry work. Over time masonry may crumble or weaken.
  • Your chimney is damaged, likely mortar and bricks. 
  • Noticeable water stains around the walls and ceiling near your chimney.

Where Might the Water Come From?

Chimney Cap is leaking

The chimney cap provides the protection your chimney needs to avoid water. As well as other elements getting into your chimney. It is a cap that covers the top of your chimney. If the cap is broken or cracked it can allow water to leak in.

Chase Cover is rusted

A chase cover also works to prevent rain from entering the chimney. The chase cover is a metal cover designed to keep debris, animals and rain out of your chimney. If the metal breaks down and rusts, this can allow water to come in.

Flashing doesn’t have a tight fit

Flashing is the covering that fits around the chimney where it meets the roof. If the flashing becomes dislodged there may be an opening where water can seep into the chimney.

Masonry that leaks

After time the masonry around your chimney can break down. Water absorbs into the masonry as the masonry is quite porous.  The mortar between the bricks can also be aging. Tuck-pointing may be needed to replace the mortar between the bricks.  

Chimney Crown is at the very top of your chimney

It too prevents precipitation from entering your home. The crown is usually made of concrete. Due to the concrete being porous, water can absorb into the pores. This over time causes deterioration and crumbling. 

chimney crown repairs in Rancho Cucamonga CA

If you are having issues with water coming in from around your chimney it is time to call Ye Olde Brit at 909-880-2120. We have a reputation that brings our customers back year after year. You can trust our name.

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