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Common Problems

Over time, chimneys and fireplaces can begin to have problems. It's important to annually maintain your chimney by having a professional come out to inspect and clean your chimney. Below are several problems that can arise and ways to identify them.

Bad Smelling Chimney,

Smelly Chimney

A smelly chimney is a nuisance. But it can be much more than that. It can also be a signal that something is wrong in your chimney system and needs to be addressed. There are three main reasons why a chimney develops an odor problem:

• Water getting into the chimney
• Animals and nesting materials
• Creosote buildup

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Leaky Chimney

Over time, even the best-built chimneys can begin to leak. The key is to find out the exact cause of the leaky chimney and then have the right repair work done. There are many possible causes of a leaky chimney, including:

• Damaged bricks
• Deteriorated mortar joints
• Missing or damaged chimney cap
• Cracked chimney crown
• Warped or missing chimney flashing

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Smoke in Home

If excess smoke is coming out of your fireplace, it’s a problem you want to address and solve quickly. A smoky chimney can push smoke into your home, but worse than the smoke is the carbon monoxide that smoke carries. A smoky chimney can be caused by a variety of things:

• Damp, unseasoned firewood
• Blocked chimney cap mesh
• Obstructed flue
• Fireplace damper malfunction
• House too airtight
• Wrong flue size

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