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Chimney Sweep Services

Keeping your California chimney clean, safe and up to code isn’t hard when you have Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep of San Bernardino take care of the cleaning, repairs and inspections. Put our 30+ years of experience in the chimney services business to work for you.

professional chimney cleaning, riverside californiaOur crew serves San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Palm Springs CA, and Beaumont CA, as well as Fontana CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Redlands CA, Ontario CA, Bloomington CA, Glendora CA, Covina CA, Azusa CA, and more.

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. When our crew performs a chimney sweep, we use a variety of commercial-grade tools to:

  1. Remove flammable soot from your chimney flue.
  2. Remove debris from the flue to prevent drafting issues and carbon monoxide backups.

Throughout Southern California Inland Empire Communities, the primary cause of chimney fires (and often devastating house fires) is creosote in the chimney. We know how to remove creosote safely and effectively.

Drafting obstructions such as tree debris and the nests of small animals will narrow your flue and cause toxic gases to move into your living spaces. Carbon monoxide is a serious concern, as it is invisible and odorless but potentially deadly.

Historic Chimney Restoration

There are many older, historic chimneys throughout San Bernardino County and neighboring counties that need unique care. Our crew specializes in historic chimney restoration, using materials that perfectly match the original ones.

Palm Springs CA chimney chase repairChimney Repair & Rebuilding

Whatever is wrong with your chimney, our chimney repair technicians know how to solve the problem. Services include:

  • Chimney cap repair and installation
  • Chimney chase cover repair and replacement
  • Chimney crown repair and waterproofing
  • Chimney masonry brick work and tuckpointing
  • Chimney flashing repair and replacement
  • Chimney liner repair and HeatShield relining
  • Historic chimney restoration
  • Chimney damper repair and installation
  • Firebox repair or rebuilding
  • and much more.

We hold the designation of Certified Chimney Professional and are proud members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild (GSCSG). We’re here to help with all your chimney repair issues. With the meticulous California building and safety codes, we can repair any chimney correctly, safely, and in compliance with local regulations in your specific city or town.

Chimney Inspection

Annual chimney inspections are your best safeguard against major chimney and fireplace damage and the expense associated with it.

chimney video inspection, pasadena caThe National Fireplace Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual chimney inspections. By having us look over your chimney once a year, you’ll be able to learn of early signs of damage and malfunction so you can take care of issues before they become widespread and dangerous.

We provide complete chimney inspections, from basic inspections and real estate inspections to fully involved inspections when major damage is present.

Get on the Road to a Clean & Safe Chimney

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep is here to help you keep your chimney looking and running great. You can learn more about our chimney services and how they can benefit you by calling (909) 880-2120. You can also use our handy contact form to get in touch with an experienced chimney pro.

Please Choose a Certified Chimney Sweep!

We hold the designation of Certified Chimney Professional (CCP)
We are GSCSG (Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild) Certified
We’re also proud members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG)
Trust a State Licensed Contractor (#775386)
We’re here to help with all your chimney repair