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One of the best ways to protect your California chimney is with a chimney cap, which sits atop the chimney to block rain and debris. Chimney caps and flue covers that include a mesh spark arrestor go further by preventing fiery sparks and embers from exiting the top of your chimney.

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Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep installs custom chimney caps in San Bernardino CA and surrounding areas, Palm Springs CA, and Beaumont CA, as well as Mentone CA, Corona CA, Moreno Valley CA, Whitewater CA, North Palm Springs CA, Desert Hot Springs CA, Calimesa CA, North Palm Springs CA, and more.

Here’s how we can help your chimney.

What Is a Chimney Cap?

The term “chimney cap” is often used to describe any type of component that covers the top of the chimney flue. A flue cover is best thought of as a component that covers only the flue opening. This is designed to keep pests and debris out and stop sparks from exiting the chimney onto your roof.

Why Chimney Caps Are Important

If your flue opening is not protected, rain and outside debris can easily get into your chimney. Any excess moisture inside your flue can start a cycle of damage to the chimney liner, the interior chimney masonry, areas within the smoke chamber and the fireplace damper, which sits just above the firebox.

Incoming water can also start a growth of mold, which could be a health risk to people and animals, particularly those with preexisting respiratory conditions.

These chimney caps also prevent sparks from traveling up the chimney to your roof or to near

Chimney caps and flue covers provide another service: they keep tree debris and small animals out of your flue.

Leaves, twigs and other falling tree debris can narrow a flue, making it unable to efficiently draft smoke. When this happens, smoke and deadly carbon monoxide can flow back into the home.

Small animals such as birds, squirrels and raccoons like to get into chimneys for shelter and to birth their young. Their nesting materials, along with the bodies of the animals who were unable to get out of the chimney (yes – sometimes they can get in but can’t get out), only add to the drafting problem.

Top-Mount Chimney Dampers

Another highly efficient chimney cap is the top-mount chimney damper. This device works similarly to your typical throat damper above the firebox, but it brings extra benefits.

Operated by hand from inside the home, a top-mount damper effectively shields and blocks the flue opening when the fireplace isn’t in use. This keeps all the above-mentioned junk out of your chimney. It also helps you cut down on your energy expenses by stopping conditioned air from leaving your home and unconditioned air from getting into it.

chimney flue spark arrestor, cajon CA Spark Arrestors May Be Required in Your Area

Most California city codes require your chimney cap to have a spark arrestor. This is a simple mesh surround that keeps sparks from flying out of your chimney and hitting your roof and yard.

We can install any type of chimney cap, chimney cap or flue cover with a secure spark arrestor.

Keep Your Flue Safe & Efficient

The chimney technicians at Ye Olde Brit are here to help with all your chimney needs, including the installation of new chimney caps, flue covers and top-mount dampers. Learn more about these services by calling (909) 880-2120. If you prefer, you can get in touch through our contact form.

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