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Remove The Fireplace Mesh Curtain

The fireplace mesh curtain plays an intricate role in protecting the fireplace. Using a mesh curtain stops anything from flying into or out of the fireplace. The curtain mesh protects the inside of the fireplace from damage.

fireplace accessories in Rancho Cucamonga CAA fireplace mesh curtain is usually made of metal or a combination of metal and aluminum. This is so it will withstand the heat from the fire. It is similar to a netting, allowing air to flow in and out. 

Periodically the fireplace mesh curtain needs to be replaced or taken down to be cleaned. There are some specific steps to follow.

How to remove a fireplace curtain:

  • Prepare for the mess. Use a drop cloth or old sheet to cover the area around and on your hearth. This is a messy job so you will need the added protection.
  • Close the mesh curtain for better access. Brush the soot and embers from the curtain. Use a stiff-bristle brush to do this job. 
  • Now to take the curtain down. Unclip any fasteners that may be holding the mesh in place. A tool for this would make the job easier.
  • Once the clips are off, hold the curtain firmly against the rod that holds the curtain up so it does not fall.
  • Using the rod, pull it towards you to straighten the rod and mesh curtain. Raise it to unmount from the brackets. 
  • Set the curtain and rod down on the drop cloth or old sheet. 
  • Now you can easily remove the mesh curtain from the rod by unscrewing from any attachments. 
  • Slide the mesh curtain off the rod.

You can safely and effectively clean the mesh curtain. You can purchase a new one if it has seen its better days. 

Cleaning Your Fireplace Mesh Curtain

  • Once you get the fireplace mesh curtain off, bring it outside. This is a great place to clean your mesh curtain. 
  • Use a mild dish soap. Put a small amount of dish soap in a spritz bottle with water. Spritz the mesh curtain. Get it in all the crevices of the mesh.
  • Start scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. Work in a rotating method. Scrub for a while. Then flip the mesh curtain over and do the same on the opposite side.
  • Rinse the curtain. Use your outdoor hose and thoroughly rinse off the soapy residue.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, repeat this method.
  • Dry the curtain completely. If water sits on it, it may rust.
  • Reinstall your mesh curtain.

The mesh curtain is there for the protection of your home as well as what goes into the fireplace. Enjoy your fireplace. 

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