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Why Now Is The Best Time For Your Chimney Repairs

Does your chimney look like it is tilting? Have you had it repaired lately or even inspected? Though the damage may be gradual. If the masonry on your chimney isn’t looked at and repaired, you may find that you have a larger problem. You can avoid issues with your chimney if you act on them as they arise. Here are some issues that you will want to pay attention to.

Level Two Chimney Inspection in Ontario CACommon Chimney Damage

  • Cracked mortar or mortar that has completely fallen out.
  • Cap and Chimney crowns – be sure to inspect them. If they look cracked or broken it’s time to replace them.
  • White staining found on your bricks may mean that there are salt deposits. This is from evaporated water.

When deciding to repair your chimney, you will want to think of the best time of the year to repair it. Catching issues early in the game will save you in the long run. It is very expensive to fix a crumbled chimney. If you repair it as you see slight damage, it will save you a lot of money.

Don’t wait until the fall or winter. It is important to repair masonry when the weather is warm and dry. You need time for the cement to cure. The spring is the best time to have chimney repairs due to the mild temperatures.

What Can I do to Preserve my Chimney?

Be observant of the structure of your chimney. Watch for loose bricks, mortar that has cracked or is falling out. Watch for signs of water damage such as staining. Walk around your house, looking up at your chimney. Keep an eye on the chimney cap and crown. You will want to have a professional look at it if you see chipping or cracking. If you detect a tilt, it is time to call your masonry specialist.

Some Terms You Will Want to Know

  • A process that removes the mortar between bricks and replaces it with new mortar. A grinder, saw, or hammer and chisel is used to remove the mortar.
  • Repointing – The process of replacing the mortar that has been removed.
  • Waterproofing – A waterproofing product is then used to protect the new cement. This will assure that water no longer can get into your chimney and damage it.

We have gone over the reasons why repairing the masonry on your chimney is so important. You will want to keep a healthy chimney so it will last years to come. Booking your annual inspection this spring will ensure early detection. You can correct any issues before the fire-burning season.

Chimney Crown Repairs in Yucaipa CADon’t wait too long. You may find that you are out of luck in securing someone to do the work. It is the beginning of the busy summer season. Plans for travel and vacation are being made. Don’t be caught without adequate repairs.

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