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Why are Chimney Sweeps So Important?

For obvious reasons, firefighters are essential. But, if they truly are, why are chimney sweeps so important? That’s a great question because it’s one many have not considered. If they are certified professionals, chimney sweeps are uniquely qualified to perform certain tasks. Chimney sweeps can ultimately save you money and protect your home and family. The following are just some of the ways a chimney sweep could be your hero.

Professional Chimney Sweeping in Highland CAChimney Sweeps Help Prevent Fires

Dirty chimneys are the direct cause of thousands of house fires every year. Many homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces don’t realize that chimney cleaning by a chimney sweep should be scheduled annually. Every wood fire releases combustion gases, and those fumes leave deposits of highly flammable creosote in the chimney flue. Creosote is sooty and tar-like in appearance, and it takes three different forms.

1st Degree Creosote is easy to remove. All that is needed is a basic professional chimney sweep brush.

2nd Degree Creosote looks like shiny blackened flakes. The flakes are like hardened tar, and it is not brushed away easily. Chimney sweeps have special equipment that can remove the creosote, but at the same time, it could badly damage the flue if it isn’t done correctly.

3rd Degree Creosote is the easiest to distinguish from the others because it looks like liquid tar has been poured into your chimney. Removal of this type of creosote is difficult. In fact, usually, the best action is to replace the chimney liner.
All creosote could ignite an ember that floats up the chimney, and then however much creosote is in the chimney will feed the fire.

Chimney fires almost always do structural damage. So, chimney sweeps are important because they are needed to remove creosote—at least 2nd and 3rd Degree Creosote. And when creosote is removed by a chimney sweep, you can rest easy because that’s the best way to avoid a dangerous chimney fire that could spread into the home.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Your homeowners’ insurance policy probably requires you to get an annual chimney inspection and cleaning. Let’s say a house fire that originates in your fireplace or wood stove damages your home. You can’t make a claim on your policy if you don’t have documentation of chimney sweeps inspecting and cleaning your chimney. This is a financially devastating reality that has cost homeowners millions of dollars.

Prevent Structural Damage

After saving money on home maintenance, many homeowners have found out why chimney sweeps are so important. When chimney inspections are performed, one of the primary benefits is that damage can be detected early. Most problems are caused by water.

Chimney Repair and Inspections in Bloomington CA

Every brick in which there has been water intrusion must be replaced or, in short, it will eventually collapse. That is how chimneys begin leaning. The collapse of the chimney becomes a real possibility. The masonry rebuild of a chimney is much more costly than keeping up with chimney maintenance and addressing problems when they are minor.

At Ye Old Brit, our chimney sweeps are certified chimney professionals. We can perform chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, flashing repair, chimney crown repair, and, if necessary, masonry rebuilds, and more. Our reliable services answer the question, why are chimney sweeps so important? Call today at (909) 880-2120 to schedule chimney services or fill out our online contact form.

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