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What Tools Do Chimney Techs Use

Your annual chimney sweep requires a lot more tools than you may think. It’s not just one sweeping tool. In fact, there are over 10 tools your chimney sweep may use to get the job done, including even a special chimney inspection camera. We broke the tools into several categories to give you a better idea of what goes into a sweep.

chimney cleaning tools, lake arrowhead caChimney Brushes

The most important tool to have is a brush. These come in many varieties,  all made of wire. Each of the brushes serve a different purpose.

  • The Smoke Chamber Brush: This tool is ideal for when your chimney sweep is working on the smoke chamber. It’s the main tool to clean out general soot and creosote built up inside your chimney, which plays an active role in preventing unwanted house fires.
  • The Long Wire Brush: is an important tool that’s important for those hard-to-reach spots inside your chimney.
  • Polypropylene Brush: If your chimney is lined with stainless steel, your chimney sweeper will use this tool. It’s designed to be gentler, so it doesn’t leave any scratches or scuffs. It’s important to use this tool as some liner warranties will be void if not.

Cleaning Rod

This attachment works with chimney professional’s brushes to ensure all of the nooks and crannies get cleaned. It’s flexible and works with many brushes on the market, meaning it becomes a useful addition to many tools.

Cleaning Chemicals and Solutions

The buildup that accumulates inside of your chimney will typically need some cleaning agents to assist with the job. The interior walls of your chimney accumulate soot and creosote. Creosote leaves behind a thick residue if it builds up enough which warrants some extra high-grade chemicals to help.

  • Creosote Cleaner: As mentioned, it’s important to tackle creosote before it gets out of hand. This chemical is typically powder-based to remove any soot or ash. But on metal flues, a different formula may be needed. Your chimney professional will make sure to use the correct cleaning agent for your chimney.
  • Ceramic Glass Cleaner: The doors of your fireplace are often overlooked but require regular cleaning as well. Special cleaning products are made for ceramic glass surfaces to help with the chemical accumulation.

chimney cleaning vacuum, fontana caPower Cleaning Tools

There are several power tools that chimney sweep professionals use. Not only do these make the cleaning process easier, it also makes for a more thorough cleaning job.

  • Industrial-Grade Chimney Vacuum: There are special vacuums required to remove fireplace debris. They have industrial-grade filters to ensure the safety of our chimney sweeps.
  • Power Sweeping Tool: This tool features a rotary system to sweep debris out of the chimney, which makes it more efficient and safer clean as it doesn’t require chimney sweeps on the roof.

Last but not least, an essential piece to the cleaning process is a face respirator. These protect chimney sweeps from inhaling dangerous chemicals during the process and are mandatory.

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