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Is Cold Air Blowing Down Your Chimney?

It’s kind of ironic that the appliance you use to help heat your home is also able to un-heat it by sending cold air into the house. We’re talking about the fireplace, particularly if it’s a traditional “open” masonry design.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep of San Bernardino, CA, would like to share three strategies you can use to reduce or prevent the problem with cold air blowing down your chimney. We’ll also cover some alternative heating sources that won’t give you a cold-air problem.

Top Mount Damper Installation in San Bernardino CASolution 1: Install a top-mount damper

Top-mount dampers regulate air flow the same as more-traditional throat dampers (located just above the firebox). A damper at the top of your chimney also stops downdrafts and keeps the majority of cold air out of your chimney flue when the fireplace isn’t in use.

Solution 2: Use a chimney balloon

This ingenious device is made to keep cold air out of the house while keeping warm air in it. Chimney balloons, also called “chimney plugs,” are placed above the throat damper. When inflated, they completely block the flow of air between the home and the outside world.

Solution 3: Install a set of fireplace doors

A good set of fireplace doors will do a great job of sealing off the firebox and stopping the flow of air. They’ll also add a touch of beauty and elegance to your fireplace and hearth area.

Alternative heating methods that work

The solutions above will make a noticeable difference in the warmth of your room and home. But you may want to bypass all of that and invest in an appliance that prevents the cold-air problem in the first place.

Fireplace inserts

Fireplace inserts are like fireplaces in a box. They’re factory-made to be installed right into the firebox of an existing masonry fireplace. They can run on gas or wood and feature a closed system, which stops air drafts.
Masonry fireplaces are beautiful to look at, but they’re notorious for allowing air from the home to escape up the chimney and air from the outside to move into the room. A fireplace insert will let you keep using your existing fireplace while providing plenty of warmth and beauty.

Manufactured fireplaces

Gas and wood-manufactured fireplaces are pre-built and ready to install in a wall within your home. Like fireplace inserts, these appliances are great at preventing downdrafts. They vent through a pipe that’s included with the unit.
Today’s manufactured fireplaces are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, colors and performance levels. They’re as beautiful to look at as they are efficient.

Professional Chimney Inspections in Fontana CAHelp for your chimney and fireplace when you need it

Ye Olde Brit has been serving the California Southland for more than 30 years with expert chimney services and fireplace installations. We can help with any of the drafting solutions outlined here, and we can help you select a gorgeous new fireplace insert or manufactured fireplace.

All our installation and repair work is done in compliance with the many California safety and building codes that apply in your area. We know the codes, and we know how to do jobs right the first time.

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