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Dangers Of Creosote

Buildup accumulates in your chimney the more you use it. While fires are enjoyable and relaxing, they may leave byproducts such as a strong smell, higher house fire risk, and potentially dangerous inhalants. Creosote is mainly to blame for this. Creosote is a byproduct made up of tar, that sticks to the walls of your chimney and takes on a different, more dense substance as it sits. It’s important to take care of this early so it doesn’t get out of hand.

Creosote Buildup in Yucaipa CA

Creosote Buildup Risks

Creosote buildup is normal and expected if you own a home with a chimney. This means keeping it in control is easy to accomplish by licensed chimney professionals. But, if left unchecked, creosote buildup can cause strong fire smells, put you at higher risk of house fires, and maybe even expel toxic fumes unsafe to breathe in.

This debris collects rather quickly, but it is dependent on how often you have fires. As it sits for longer, and you burn more fires, the substance will shift and leave a different byproduct. Below are the three stages of creosote build up you’ll see in chimneys:

  • First stage:
    During this stage, the creosote buildup is mainly a soot-like substance and can be brushed away easily by a chimney professional.
  • Second stage:
    If you reach the second stage, the creosote buildup has taken on a thicker harder substance. Chemical substances are usually required to help loosen up the debris.
  • Third stage:
    In the third stage of buildup, the substance will take on a quite sticky and oily texture and stick to the chimney walls, making it very difficult to take care of the buildup. At this stage, it may be harmful to breathe in the air due to the toxicity. In some cases, it makes more sense for chimney professionals to completely replace chimney liners.

How To Tackle Creosote Buildup

There are a few precautionary measures you can take to minimize fire smells. You can opt for well-seasoned hardwoods to burn rather than wet or softwoods. Keeping up on maintenance such as clearing out soot in the fireplace chamber is crucial to promote clean burning environments. Cleaning regularly can minimize the post-fire smoky smell, too. Completing these small steps will help, but it doesn’t replace a regular maintenance plan which will prevent the dangers of creosote buildup. A regular maintenance plan should include annual inspections and chimney cleanings by licensed professionals.

Creosote Buildup and Chimney Sweep in Yucaipa CAIn fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) strongly encourages homeowners to conduct annual cleanings to take care of the dangers of creosote buildup in your fireplace and prevent your chimney from getting to the third stage of buildup.

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