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Exploring the Legacy of the Fireplace

What is it about a fireplace that brings out calm, relaxation, and comfort? The fireplace has been an icon in many homes, dating back to the Middle Ages. The cultural and social aspect of fireplaces throughout history has evolved. Bringing joy around tradition, holidays, and celebrations.

enjoying fireplace inserts in Covina CAWays A Fireplace Benefits The Family


The fireplace has many advantages. The practical one is that it brings warmth to rugged winters. Years ago, heat, hot water, and electricity were not heard of. Fire was the main source of warmth and light. It was essential to have enough wood to last the winters and to keep a fire blazing to stay warm.


Gatherings such as traditional holidays, birthdays, and celebrations all took place around a hearth. The warm glow of the flames brought calm to all who were in attendance. A family celebration would not be the same without the ambiance of a warm fire.


Family and friends would enjoy time together cooking. What celebration would be the same without the delicious food cooked over the open fire? Day to day the fireplace would be the main source of the daily meal. Soup and stew were in a pot sometimes cooking all day.  When work was done, a warm meal was ready and waiting to be enjoyed. 

The Peaks and Falls of Popularity

With the invention of modern-day heating, fireplaces were on the decline. Many people did not want them in their homes. It was easier and cleaner to use the heating source from the house. The popularity declined for a time. Yet short-lived, the popularity had come back in full swing. The idea of turning a switch and not having to collect wood and maintain the fire enticed many. With new innovative designs and forms of fireplaces, the popularity grew.

There have been so many changes through the years to make fireplaces more appealing to all. With all the new innovative ways that have come up, there is sure to be a fireplace for you and your family. Here are a few changes that have made the use of a fireplace that much more appealing to many.

Some Changes Over The Years  

Gas Fireplace

A turn of a switch and you have a fire.

Electric Fireplace

A chimney is not needed.

Pellet stoves

A popular source of heat.

Energy-efficient design

New technology helps you burn a cleaner fire.

Contemporary styles

Styles that appeal to all.

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Bringing New Life to Old Fireplaces

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