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Gas Fireplaces VS Wood Fireplaces

If you’re thinking about purchasing a first fireplace for your home or replacing an old one, the type of fuel your new appliance runs on should be an early consideration. While all fireplaces provide beautiful visuals and enjoyment for all, there are some important differences between wood fireplaces and gas fireplaces you should be aware of.

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep of San Bernardino, CA, would like to outline some of these differences to help you make the very best choice.

Schedule Your Fireplace Installations in Highland CAWood fireplace facts

Wood fireplaces use wood logs as their fuel. Logs can be from a variety of trees, but hardwoods like hickory, maple and oak will burn hotter with less smoke. Here are some things to know about wood fireplaces.

  • It’s hard to beat a real wood fire with its traditional flames, crackling logs and distinct aroma.
  • Current EPA standards ensure that wood fireplaces burn cleaner than ever before.
  • Available in many sizes, shapes, finishes and colors.
  • Maintenance is more involved than with gas fireplaces, requiring annual chimney sweeping to reduce the level of flammable creosote.
  • Wood fires keep burning during power outages.
  • Unlike piped-in gas, logs take up space; you’ll have to arrange a place to store them.

Gas fireplace facts

Modern gas fireplaces are simple to use and beautiful to look at. Here are a few highlights of these appliances:

  • Gas fireplaces can include log sets that closely resemble real wood with their bark patterns and textures.
  • These units are great heat producers, with heat-efficiency ratings of 85% or higher.
  • If you’re after ease of use, gas is the way to go. A switch or remote gets your fire started instantly; it’s just as easy to turn the fire off.
  • Adjusting the flame levels and heat output is simple.
  • Maintenance is minimal, requiring only occasional wiping down and an annual safety inspection.
  • Gas lines (or propane lines) may have to be configured in order to hook up the unit.

Facts about all fireplaces

No matter which type of fuel you prefer, a new fireplace will bring you some exciting benefits, including:

  • A perfect centerpiece for entertaining or just relaxing after a long day.
  • Increased appeal to homebuyers, many of whom are specifically looking for homes with fireplaces.
  • A lovely accent that will bring instant beauty and elegance to any room.
  • Minimal environmental footprint with reduced emissions.
  • Both gas and wood fireplaces are far more efficient than any traditional masonry fireplace.
  • Ultra-safe operation when correctly installed and set up.

Gas and wood fireplace installation

As noted above, both fireplace styles are built for safety when they’re installed properly. With more than 30 years in the fireplace installation business, Ye Olde Brit knows how to do it right, always working in strict compliance with the numerous state and local codes that govern building practices and fire safety.

Wood Fireplace Installation in Covina CA

After the installation, we’ll walk you through the operation of your new fireplace and make sure you know exactly how to use it safely and correctly.

Get the fireplace of your dreams – today

You don’t have to keep dreaming about the perfect new wood or gas fireplace. Your dream can come true right now when you let us help you select the perfect model and then install it for you. In less time than you can imagine, you’ll be relaxing in front of a stunning fireplace that will bring you many years of comfort and enjoyment.

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