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How To Baby-Proof Your Fireplace

So, your baby or toddler has taken their first steps. Of course, your mind instantly goes to making your living area safe for your new little explorer. Many parents have probably already added furniture straps to dressers. They’ve also installed outlet covers, cabinet locks, and other various safety precautions. One area that should not be overlooked is your wood, gas, or electric fireplace. Today, let’s go over the methods of how to baby-proof your fireplace.

Fireplace Screen in Redlands CAEnclose the fireplace within a baby gate

Their first step is a good place to start with your first step. Place a baby gate around your hearth. Does it add to the ambiance of your space? Definitely not, but we tell all Ye Old Brit customers that the safety benefits outweigh aesthetics every time.

We must mention at this point that we aren’t referring to just an average compression gate. Rather, the gate that surrounds your fireplace and hearth should attach to the wall yet also have a door that allows an adult access to the firebox. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure to set this gate up at an adequate distance from the flames to protect your child from any escaping embers or debris. You may be thinking you can skip this step if your fireplace already has a glass door but that is not the case! As hundreds of children are seen by emergency rooms each year due to burns from touching the scalding hot glass, a baby gate is still a necessity.

Protect little walkers by adding corner guards to the hearth

There’s nothing cuter than your toddling walker gaining confidence as they learn to move and explore. But a sweet moment can quickly turn dangerous if your raised hearth is left unprotected. One option is to add guards to the corners and edges. They are applied with double stick tape and can be removed when it is safe to do so.

Fireplace safety is important all the time

Our tips so far have all revolved around keeping your child safe from the heat, flames, and sharp edges of the fireplace. But what about when it’s not in use? A fireplace door lock can keep curious little hands from getting into the soot and debris in the firebox. Not only is this a health hazard for them, but it’s also bound to create a mess that is difficult to clean up!

Don’t forget the monitors!

No, we aren’t talking about a nap time monitor though those are always a wise investment. Rather, we are talking about smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. Children are small. Their size makes them more susceptible to dangerous gases and they’ll be the first in your home to feel the effects of CO poisoning.

For the safety of everyone in your home, from the youngest to the oldest, install these monitors and check the batteries regularly.

Professional Chimney Sweep and Inspection in Beaumont CABonus safety tip: schedule your next inspection or cleaning

All of these preparations and safety precautions are helpful, yes, but there’s one missing component we need to address too. What’s that exactly? That is if your fireplace and chimney have been neglected and left to collect debris and become damaged. A sweep and inspection is the solution! While you can baby-proof the inside of your home, you should leave the safety of the interior of your system to the professionals.

Our team can help with that! Contact Ye Old Brit at (909) 880-2120 to schedule a cleaning or visit the website contact form.

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