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Things to Know About Chimney Caps

If you’re like most people, you don’t give a whole lot of thought to your chimney and its components. One component you should know a little about is the chimney cap. Why is a cap so important?

Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep serves the greater San Bernardino region with a full range of chimney services, including the installation of new protective chimney caps. Here are three things you should know about these useful devices.

Chimney cap replacement, redlands CA

1. Chimney caps block water

Water is the #1 enemy of chimney systems. Without a proper chimney cap, rain can easily move into the flue, where it can lead to major chimney leaks, horrible odors coming from the chimney and other problems.

The concrete chimney crown, which is the layer at the top of your chimney, is in place to protect interior areas of your chimney outside of the actual flue. Crowns often crack, and without a full-width chimney cap, water can get into the cracks and start deteriorating the concrete. The result will be larger cracks and eventual water damage to various parts of the chimney system. Proper chimney caps have an angled design that causes water to run off them and away from the chimney’s masonry. This means less moisture in contact with the bricks and mortar, which are vulnerable to cracking and water damage.

Chimney Debris, Beaumont CA 2. Chimney caps keep out debris

If you have an open flue, all sorts of obstructions can get in. Common obstructions include leaves and twigs from nearby trees and small animals. Birds, squirrels, raccoons and other critters like to build nests inside chimneys. Some of these animals are unable to escape from a chimney and end up dying in there. Nesting materials and dead animals can create a serious draft obstruction (not to mention a horrible odor!).

When smoke can’t move smoothly up the chimney flue, it may back up into the house, carrying with it deadly carbon monoxide. This gas is invisible and odorless, so people may not realize it’s in their homes until they begin experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, dull headaches, weakness and other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

As you can see, custom full-width chimney caps provide you with some very important protection. It’s never wise to operate your chimney without a secure chimney cap, or at the very least, a good flue cover.

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