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Make Your Gas Fireplace Come Alive

Are you wondering how to get more pizazz and personality out of your gas fireplace? Wonder no more. Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep of San Bernardino, CA, is here to give you some winning ideas for transforming your entire gas fireplace experience.

gas fireplace installations in Yucaipa CAGas fireplaces – a quick overview

Gas fireplaces come in vented and non-vented models. Vented models are most common and require exhaust piping. Non-vented models aren’t allowed in every jurisdiction and require no exhaust piping. For this article, we’re focusing on vented gas fireplaces.

All gas fireplaces push their flames around faux logs, most of which look quite like the real thing. But logs by themselves in a fireplace don’t give you much to look at. Here are some ideas to liven things up.

Speaking of logs…

Your gas fireplace already includes some basic ceramic or cement logs. But there are many different types of gas logs you can choose from. Shop around and marvel at the wood and bark patterns, charred ends, colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Find the logs that you love the most and fire them up.

Sand and vermiculite

These two gas fireplace additions create a lovely bed beneath the flaming logs. Both sand and vermiculite extend the flames, making the visual much more exciting and realistic.

Lava rock

Designed for gas fireplaces, the many varieties of lava rock can be added to the firebox to resemble a bed of coals. Not only does lava rock look stunning, but it also retains heat for some time after the fire is extinguished.

What about embers?

What natural-looking fire would be complete without embers? Finish your gas log set with synthetic embers that light up with the flames to glow beneath the logs during a fire. This simple touch can make a dramatic difference in your firebox visual.


No, not real acorns, but rather ones made from refractory cement, which won’t degrade during a fire. A scattering of acorns in your fireplace gives the look of a cozy campfire in the woods, only now it’s in your cozy home.


If you’re adding some acorns, why not throw in a few ceramic pine cones? Impervious to flame, these little amenities add style and nostalgia to your gas fireplace fires.

Stones and wood chips

These are two other eye-catching accessories you can use to add even more mood and luster to your fireplace experience.

Fire glass

For a truly stunning visual, consider fire glass. This shiny, colorful addition brings instant appeal to any gas fireplace. Fire glass isn’t intended to make your fire look more “authentic”; rather, it’s designed to brighten up your fireplace and make it a customized, color-bursting, one-of-a-kind visual.

gas fireplace installations in Riverside CA

Outside the firebox

After you’ve spruced up the inside of your firebox, consider some handsome accessories for the hearth area:

  • Fireplace tool set
  • Fireplace screen
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Custom raised hearth
  • Custom fireplace surround

Are you ready for a new gas fireplace?

If you’ve been thinking of adding a stunning new gas fireplace to your home, Ye Olde Brit will assist you in selecting the perfect model and then install it for you safely and correctly. All our installation work complies with the many California and local codes for building and fire safety.

Learn more about the advantages of gas fireplaces by calling (909) 880-2120. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form

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