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How to Get Ready for a Visit from Your Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeping is the process whereby a technician, who is also called a “chimney sweep,” cleans out your chimney flue, removing flammable creosote and various debris that could cause drafting obstructions.

When performed by a professional, chimney sweeping is a fairly straightforward process. If you’ve never hired a chimney sweep before, Ye Olde Brit Chimney Sweep of San Bernardino, CA, would like to share some tips on how to prepare for the service. If you have used chimney sweeps in the past, these tips will remind you of several important considerations when getting ready for the visit.

Chimney Sweep in Grande Terrace CA

Don’t use your fireplace

Your technician doesn’t want to work in or around a scalding-hot fireplace and chimney. Don’t use your fireplace on the day of service.

Clean your fireplace

Remove old log pieces, ashes and anything else that’s in the firebox. Then vacuum out the space and wipe down the surfaces. Chimney sweeps are used to getting a little dirty in their work, but there’s no point in adding to it with a filthy firebox.

Give the technician room to park and easy access to the house

Clear your driveway to allow enough room for the technician’s vehicle. Make sure there’s a clear path from the driveway to the house to transport equipment.

Cover furniture

While experienced chimney sweeps use high-powered vacuums during the cleaning process, there’s no guarantee that a little soot and dust won’t escape the work area. Best to prepare by covering furniture and valuables and moving objects a reasonable distance from the fireplace.

Teach your kids

For a lot of kids, a person with a bunch of equipment coming into the house is fascinating, and they may want to get up close and personal to see what all’s going on. Chimney sweeping and children don’t mix. Teach your kids to keep away from the work area while the work is going on.

Secure your pets

The last thing a chimney sweep needs is a friendly dog or a curious cat getting involved in the job. Friendly, curious pets should be secured in another room or outside. Needless to say, the same goes for an unfriendly dog that won’t tolerate intruders.

Talk with your chimney sweep

Finally, while you have your chimney technician in your house, you have the opportunity to share concerns about your fireplace and chimney. If you’ve been noticing performance irregularities, odd smells, funny sounds, visible damage and the like, this is the time to address those concerns.

Your chimney sweep is a walking, talking encyclopedia of knowledge about chimney structures, drafting physics, chimney fires and creosote, fireplace damage, water leaks and everything else that pertains to your chimney and fireplace system.

Professional Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning in Palm Springs CA

Professional chimney sweeping for safety and efficiency

The licensed chimney sweeps at Ye Olde Brit are here to provide expert chimney sweeping along with chimney repairs and licensed chimney inspections. Having your chimney cleaned once a year will dramatically reduce the chance of a devastating chimney fire while keeping your fireplace and chimney running at peak efficiency.

Schedule a chimney sweep visit or get your questions answered by calling (909) 880-2120. You can also reach out with our contact form.


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