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Why Your Gas Fireplace Stinks

Has it been a while since you started up your gas fireplace? If so, you may have smelled something that was not familiar to you. The smell of burning plastic. There is no need to be alarmed about this smell. Particles of dust and other flying debris accumulate in your fireplace. Thus, when you light up for the first time you will smell what smells like burnt plastic. This will happen after a season of stagnation.

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Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces

Some gas fireplaces have a direct-vent system with an enclosed chamber. This allows air to vent through the ceiling of your home or out a side wall. You will find that direct-vent fireplaces give off more heat. It is also noted to cause odors that you may not smell with a wood-burning fireplace.

Advantages of Direct Vent Fireplaces

  • You may have a fireplace even if your home does not have an existing one
  • No chimney or flue required.
  • Easy installation to an existing
  • More efficient than a traditional fireplace

Other Reasons For a Smell

Like any new product, there is a smell of industrial plastics. Products made with lubricants and paints that may leave a coating on your fireplace. You may notice a smell of burnt plastic when you first light up your installed fireplace. The smell you experience is excess product burning.

Allow fresh air to circulate into the room to ventilate the smell. You should not experience this smell after a few startups.

Cleaning your Gas Fireplace

Regular cleaning will help to keep your gas fireplace smelling fresh. Clean the glass and vacuum out the base. Regular maintenance will keep general smells at bay.

The Smell of Gas

As you light up your gas fireplace you will most likely smell gas. There is no reason to be concerned as this is normal unless the smell is prolonged.

You should not smell gas in excess. Once you light up your fireplace, or after you turn the fire off. If so, it is advisable to have this looked at immediately. Leaking gas can cause a house fire or even an explosion. This could be from a faulty plumbing assembly or gas exhaust spilling into your home. Immediately contact your local utility company.

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Remember that Carbon Monoxide does not have an odor. You should have a CO detector installed if you have a fireplace in your home. Carbon Monoxide is hard to detect. Always play on the side of caution. If you are concerned make that call.

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